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Kei Nairi - The Lost World

Kei Nairi is a lost world crafted by destruction and chaos and warped by powerful magic. On this ancient world sculpted by giants and beasts, anything is possible. Here, countless species walk the land, but not get along.
Kei Nairi is a planet much larger than Earth with one primary continent and many islands which freckle the oceans. It's Western portion boasts vast forests and grasslands, while the Eastern appears tainted and ruined by a force of magic uncontrolled.

The West

The continent of the West is a highly properous land full of rich and plentiful resources and a wide variety of life. Here, intelligent creatures create packs and towns. The primary boost of the West was its security, modern viewpoint, politics, and wide expanses of resources. Many creatures strive for the West, and the West welcomes all. 
 -Upper Left: Sorrik
    - Leader: Fei
        ~Kei Nairi's largest and most powerful city, one which recently rose up from ruin at the return of it's Queen. Sorrik is the highlight of the West and attracts attention from many -friend and foe. It's fortified walls protect its citizens, and the outposts and farms outside its boundaries hosts highly trained soldiers and civilians alike - the front line of defense for the great city.
- Upper Center: Taro
    - Trading Post
       ~ This territory is devoted to the fisherman and sea. A small town rests on the shore and a dock allows ships to come and go, delivering and taking goods. It is the primary trading post with the islands and East.

- Lower Left: Isorid
    - Leader: Zxunre
       ~ A territory dominated by Viscets and Shifters. It is a fine city for those who wish to avoid the chaos of a large social city without losing the security that comes with one.
Lower Right: Sioko
   - Leader: Hadria
       ~ This quiet town is one with odd origins. Little is known of its leader and why she arranged the town the way she did, or where she did. It does little trade and involves itself very scarcely in politics or combat. To those who enter, it is a sanctuary. From what, however, not many know.
- Center Right: Ryis
    - Leader: Xuikcho
      ~ A powerful and frightening city which focuses primarily on defense against invasion, self-sustaining strategies, and contact with the East. This city does not make alliances or trust easily, and those within it are much the same. It's leader, Xuikcho, is a combat-minded viscet who views everything around her as a game of chess. She does not want to engage in combat i f it can be avoided, but will not hesitate to strike when the time comes.

The East

The East was once as lush and resourceful as the West, but an event surrounded by uncontrolled magic and emotions drained it of all its natural life. Now left a hollow desert, few creatures thrive here, and even fewer cities stand tall. It is a land of great danger, ransacked in both sea and land by malevolent creatures released from the core of the land. In the eyes of the West, entering the East is asking for death.
- Upper Left Mountains
     ~ These mountains are the borders between the East and West. Their colossal peaks stretch to the sky, clawing at the clouds. These mountains hold snow on their peaks year round, making the ground of those steep cliffs challenging and dangerous to traverse. 
- Upper Center: Otorin
   - Leader: Allaster
      ~ This is the only remaining city within the East. It's name meaning Sanctuary, this city hosts several different species and uses great strategies and skills to cultivate this dried land into one of providence. The city is all together peaceful and welcoming, but is protected by the Three Great Guardians themselves.
- Upper Right Mountains
   - These mountains host the cause of the East's decay; a viscet named Akiko who's powers are beyond her immediate control. No living creature but her - and her mate and comforter Gi - are permitted in these mountains to protect the East and all other continents from potential destruction. They are guarded by Apep - the Winged Guardian of Lightning - and Rinu.
- Lower Right Ruins
   - Before the great catastrophe, the East was a thriving point - primarily for humans and shifter species. However, as the land dried up, grew hot, and the wildlife grew lethal, many members of these species died, causing the remaining amount to flee their homes and go to the West.

- The Crescent Island
   - Very little is known about this ancient island. Many folk tales have evolved around it, stories of it holding a venomous evil which lies in wait to consume the world, and stories of it being the only connection to The Land of Light and Dark. However, one thing that is agreed upon by all is that the island is impossible to reach. The water around it is coated with thick, blinding fog and forceful winds which turn any voyage around on their tail and in a new direction, never permitting any to enter the island.

World Events

Season: Summer

War for the East

Libra's forces have reached the mountains dividing the East from the West and the guardians, Allaster, Pele, and Apep are rising up to fight back and stop him once and for all.
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